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Our story starts decades ago.  A time when sweet tea, a rocking chair and a gentle breeze on your front porch is all you needed to be content in this world after a long working day.  A time when neighbors came calling and we looked forward to grandma’s Sunday dinner together.  A time of less hustle and bustle, a time when “buying local” was a way of life.

Working our fields is something that we at Hundred Acre Farm are extremely passionate about.  We take great pride in doing things "the right way" and respecting the land that so freely provides.  We truly believe that we have been blessed with an amazing location that has been passed down over four generations, and God willing, even longer.  Our family has been lucky to call this area around Summerfield our home for over 100 years.  Our friends, family and neighbors are what continue to make our lives so special, and a major reason that we now wish to give back.  Now, as we continue to evolve with our crops and farming practices, we want to share that harvest blessing with you. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for stopping by and if you feel inclined, drop us note, even if it’s just to say hello.  We never tire of hearing from all of you. We truly hope that our products will find you in great health, provide for you a way to heal from the busy day and continually make you happier as a result. 

~From all of us at Hundred Acre Farm, be well.  

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